Bundi is a city with 104,457 101,000 inhabitants (2011) in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan state in northwest India. It is of particular architectural note for its ornate forts, palaces, and stepwell reservoirs known as baoris. It is the administrative headquarters of Bundi District


Coordinates 25.44°N 75.64°E
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District(s) Bundi
Population 104,457(2001)
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
• Elevation 268 m (879 ft)


• Pincode 323001
• Telephone 0747
• Vehicle RJ-08


Bundi and Kota were once a singly principality ruled by the Hada Chauhans, an offshoot of the famous clan of Chauhans who ruled Delhi and Ajmer.After the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan by Sultan Mohammed Ghori in 1193, the Chauhan nobles sought sanctuary in Mewar. They were welcomed and proved allies to the Rana.Yet some young warriors ventured on their own overpowered the Meena and Bhil Tribals of Chambal valley and established the kingdom of Hadavati or Hadoti. Later two branches of the Hadas formed two separate states on either sides of the Chambal. These were Kota and Bundi. Bundi town nestles in a narrow valley, enclosed by huge walls and fortified by four gateways.In the centre of the township lies a lake. A medieval fortress stands sentinel to this city – amute witness to history and time.
Bundi is famous for its intricate paintings and murals.Bundi lies embraced by hills, the capital of the Hada Rajputs who established their craggy stronghold in these forested hills, but fate and the forces of power created Kotah, a breakaway part of Bundi that went on to become larger and more powerful than its parent state. 


Bundi District is bordered to the north by Tonk District, to the west by Bhilwara District, to the East by Kota District and to the southwest by Chittorgarh District.The town of Indragarh and nearby places are famous for the renowned temples of Bijasan Mata and Kamleshwar. The Indargarh step well is considered as one of the most attractive places in the Bundi district, especially during the rainy season.



The Sanganer Airport of Jaipur is the nearest airport to Bundi. The Sanganer airport is at a distance of approximately 200 kilometres from Bundi. One can take taxi to travel between Bundi and the airport. This airport is well connected with various major cities of India through frequent flights.


Bundi is well connected through a network of roads. It is at a distance of 35 kilometres from Kota and nearly 200 kilometres from Jaipur. Other important cities that are accessible from here include Jaipur, Ajmer, Agra and New Delhi, which are situated at a distance of 170 KM, 155 KM, 310 KM and 390 KM respectively. The state transport buses connect the city with major cities in the state of Rajasthan. You can also avail taxi or private bus services to reach the desired city from Bundi.

Distance Charts:
Location    Distance
Bundi to Delhi  473 Km  7 hrs.
Bundi to Jaipur    206 KM    3 hrs.
Bundi to Agra    373 KM    6 hrs.
Bundi to Ajmer    169 KM    2 hrs.


Kota Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the city. It is at a distance of 35 kilometres. Various trains play between Kota railway station and other railway stations of major Indian cities. One can take taxi or bus to reach Kota railway station.

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