जालौर की प्रमुख तस्वीरे
जालौर का प्रशासकीय संघठन
जालौर का मानचित्र
जालौर के पर्यटन स्थल
जालौर की सांख्यिकीय रूपरेखा
जालौर के महत्वपूर्ण नम्बर

Jalore District is a district of Rajasthan state in western India. The city of Jalore is the administrative headquarters of the district. The district has an area of 10,640 km2 (4,108 sq mi) (3.11 percent of Rajasthan's area), and a population of 1,448,486 (2001 census), with a population density of 136 persons per square kilometre.In Rajasthan’s South West Jalore is situated where Jal tree was founded in huge quantity.This was the sacred groove of sage Jabali. From defence point of view it was invincible.


Coordinates 25.35°N 72.62°E
Country India
State Rajasthan
District(s) Jalore
Population 44828(2001)
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
• Elevation 178 m (584 ft)


• Pincode 343001
• Telephone 02973
• Vehicle RJ-16


Historians believe that in vedic ages among the nine sons of Manu his fourth son established his kingdom here that came to be known as Anart. According to Dhundumara Ayodhya’s Ikshvashu king Kuvlasav defeated the local residents and brought under his control.There after Druh &Yadavas ruled here that remained till battle of Mahabharat.Jalore is referred as a prosperous town mentioned in Kuvalyasava written in 8th Century.There were many temples and forts here.Then it was ruled by Prathiar king Vatsaraj. After Prathiars, parmar ruled here and remained till 12 th century It is said that towards the end of 10th century Malwa’s parmar ruler Mung captured Jalore and by 1117 A.D.visal parmar ruled here.The ancestors of visal were Dharavarsh, Vijjal Aparajit, Devraj Chandan and Vakpatiraj etc.After Visal in 1664 A.D. Chalukya king Naresh Kumar Pal was enshrined.But there was animosity between Chalukyas’ of Gujarat and chouhan of Ajmer.That’s why chouhan King Vigraharaj IV while expanding his kingdom drawn Chalukyas out and Jalore became a part of chouhan kingdom.n Jalore District Poet Magh’s birth place Bhinmal was also an important place of studies while Sundha Mata is naturally and religious unique place. Sevda’s Shiv temple is famous for its historical importance.


Jalore lies to south of Sukri river, a tributary of Luni river and is about 140 km south of Jodhpur. Jalore hasn't grown that much in terms of infrastructure.


The minimum and maximum temperatures of the district are 4 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius respectively. The average rainfall is 412 mm. The climate of district is dry and with  extremes.


By Air:

Nearest Airport is Jodhpur Airport 141 Km from Jalore.At Jodhpur one can find nearly all type of domestic flights.There are direct flights to Jaipur,Delhi,Mumbai and other Metros.

There is also an air strip at village Nun about 35 km from Jalore City.

By Road:

National Highway No.15, (Bhatinda-Kandla) passes through the district in Sanchore tehsil. All the block head quarters are connected with bus routes.

One can come to Jalore from Jodhpur.Rajasthan Roadways and Private operators has many Bus Services to Jodhpur,Jaipur,Ajmer,Ahemadabad,Surat,Bombay.

Local Transport:

Jeep-Car Taxis are available for visiting Jalore and nearby areas. Auto Rikshaws are available for local City visit.

By Rail:

Jalore is situated in Samdari-Bhildi segment, connect Jalore directly with Jodhpur Division  network in Rajasthan and  Gandhidham & Ahmedabad network in Gujarat.

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